Gender – Male/Gelding
Breed – Quarter Horse
Color - Grey
Age – 25+ per last dental 
Category – Easy Rider

Caldwell is a very shy to people horse who has melanoma on his sheath as well EOTRH disease which makes his mouth very sore. He would need a gentle adopter that is willing to take time to gain his trust and shower him with affection.


Gender – Female
Breed – Thoroughbred Horse
Color – Dark Bay
Age – 7 (2012) 
Category – Complete Restart

May is an OTTB who is an EMP survivor. She is very overreactive to people, noises and outside stimuli. May would need someone who can be patient with her and start from the ground up. She has come around to being pet on the head and neck.


Gender - Female
Breed – Quarter Horse 
Color - Sorrel
Age – 21 (Born 1998) 
Category – Any Level Rider

Emma is a retired barrel racer who is very easy to halter, tack, and ride. She is patient with kids and adults alike. She responds nicely to all commands. While she does have a get up and go attitude she will need to be held back due to arthritis in her front legs. She is an all around sweet and gentle horse.


Gender – Female
Breed – Paint
Color – Sorrel/White
Age – 14 (2005) 
Category – Project Horse

Millie is a beautiful paint rescued from the Camp County seizure. Before coming to HBCH she was handled very little but recently has been coming around to our volunteers with head rubs and neck scratches. She is shy to strangers and needs the right person to be patient and kind to her.

Adoption fees vary from horse to horse. If you are interested in a specific horse,

please contact Linda at (210) 307-7935 for more information!


Gender – Female
Breed – Registered Quarter Horse
Color - Sorrel
Age – 20 (1999)  
Category – Intermediate level rider

Double Time is a retired race horse who loves children and adults alike. She is very easy to halter, loves attention and is great with other horses. Double Time has been through numerous parades and loved it.  She would thrive on slow and shorter, steady trail rides.

Happened by Chance Horses, Inc. 


Gender – Female
Breed – Thoroughbred Horse
Color – Black/Bleaches in summer
Age – 13 (born 2006) 
Category – Experienced Rider

Dutchess is an OTTB who is rideable for an experienced rider. She is easy to halter once she gets to know you and has great manners walking with a lead rope. 


Gender – Female
Breed – Arabian
Color – Black
Age – 4 
Category – Training Home Only

Eden was rescued from the Camp County seizure. She is unhandled and extremely shy to people. Our volunteers are making progress, be it slow, in gaining her trust for people.


Gender – Female
Breed – Arab/Paint Cross
Color – Sorrel
Age – 4 (2015) 
Category – Experienced Rider/Trainer

Serenity is shy to adults but very welcoming to kids. She is green broke and currently working on under saddle training. She will let you halter and lead once she gets to know you.  Serenity should never be used for jumping or endurance sports. She sustained a fractured pelvis early in her life, and while it is healed, vet recommendation is a show horse or leisure trail riding. 


Gender – Male/Gelding
Breed – Leopard Appaloosa
Color - Leopard
Age – 14 (2005) 
Category – Single Stall

Majestic is the TV star here at HBCH! He is set to be featured in the new TV series Death and Compromise. Majestic is blind and will need a single stall with permanent features so he doesn’t bump into things or hurt himself. He is responsive to sound and will acknowledge you when you speak to him. He absolutely loves attention and is very affectionate. He is an all around sweet and gentle horse.  Majestic is broke to ride but will need a rider experienced with blind horses. 

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Gender – Male/Gelding
Breed –Percheron/Morgan Cross
Color – Sorrel
Age – 6 (2013)
Category – Experienced/Trainer

Issac is Amish bred and very shy to people. He has had some groundwork and saddle training. Ready to go in any direction as a prospect. Stands about 14.3 hands.


Gender – Male/Gelding
Breed – Quarter Horse
Color – Bay
Age – Estimated 6 – 20     

Category – Experienced/Trainer

He has had an injury to his front teeth.  It is hard to determine his age. He however, is a very easy keeper and maintains weight on pasture and round bales.  Given this status, we do feel he is on the younger side. 

Duke is shy to people but has had some groundwork and under saddle training. He halters fine once he gets to know you. He will need the right person to bring out his outstanding personality.


Gender – Female

Breed – Quarter Horse - Grade
Color – Chocolate Palomino
Age – 15 
Category – Single Stall – Experience in blind horses 

Marlee is one of our blind horses who would need to have a stall all to herself with permanent fixtures to keep her from bumping into and hurting herself. She is very shy to people and has an uneasy reaction to loud and unfamiliar noises. She would need an adopter who is willing to love and care for her and her condition.  Marlee has been saddled and ridden, but needs an experienced rider.


Gender – Female
Breed – Grade
Color – Black
Age – 5 (2014)    
Category – TBD

Suzy was rescued from the Camp County seizure. She does have a divot in her nose which does not seem to bother her but you can hear some raspiness when she breathes hard. She is very shy but does warm up after a while. She has recently been haltered (with extra padding for her nose) and had her hooves done and she did great. She has not been evaluated for under saddle experience but is ok walking with a lead rope. 


Gender – Male/Gelding
Breed – Quarter Horse Pony
Color - Sorrel
Age – 6-8 
Category – Project Horse

Punky is our high spirited pony! He is currently helping us teach the young horses we have how to be horses. He is currently working with our volunteers on how to be better with a halter. He loves attention and head scratches.  Punky can enter a training program. He is sound and healthy.

PRINCESS aka “Polynesian Princess”

Gender – Female
Breed – Thoroughbred Horse
Color –  Sorrel
Age –Foaled April 8, 2009 
Category – Project Horse

Princess is on OTTB who has a lot of spunk! She is not very fond of being haltered but she does love head and neck scratches. She would need an adopter that has a vast knowledge for OTTB behavior and quirks. 


Gender – Female
Breed – Warmblood
Color – Black
Age – 25+ 
Category – Any Level Rider

Destiny is very friendly, loves attention and is easy to halter. She does have a slight limp in the rear and even though there is no painful reaction she would still need to be ridden softly.


All donations are tax deductible. A receipt for your tax records will be provided.


Gender – Female
Breed – Registered Tennessee Walker
Color – Flea Bitten
Age – 14 (2005)
Category – Single Stall – Broke to ride

Vigor is blind so she would need a single stall with permanent fixtures so she won’t bump into or hurt herself. She is a very sweet, kind and loving horse who loves to be pet and will acknowledge sounds. She will need an adopter that is willing to cater to the needs of a blind horse as well as shower her with affection.   Vigor is broke to ride with an experienced rider.

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Gender – Female
Breed – Quarter Horse
Color – Mare
Age – 8

Category - Project Horse

Ana is a very calm horse and was likely used as a lead line horse and broad mare. She will need an experienced handler and a professional trainer to advance her from lead line.


Gender – Male/Gelding
Breed – Quarter Horse Paint
Color – Sorrel and White
Age – 16 years old 
Category - Any Level Rider.  Very smooth.

Dakota is a very gentle horse.  Will stand all day for grooming and petting.  He requires a special feeding program as his teeth are in poor shape.  He cannot chew or process hay. He is fed a senior feed with soaked alfalfa cubes 2 x day.  He does have moderate arthritis is both front knees and should only be ridden casually.